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Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Deciding where to go, or what to do on vacation can be a huge hassle. Sometimes sitting and relaxing on the beach sounds keen, but often times one finds themselves bored after just a couple days. For those looking to try something new, visiting the mountains could be just the answer you are looking for. Visiting mountains can be very stimulating, and can help people get a real break from the stressful and fast paced world surrounded by every day life.

India is home to part of one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas. The majestic views they offer give chills down the spine. In the north eastern tip of India lies Arunchal Pradesh, a beautiful spot to get a glimpse of these powerful forms of nature. Arunchal Pradesh is full of adventure for any tourist, and one can enjoy a lovely holiday in this neck of the woods. In addiction to the beautiful landscape, this area also offers rich tribal history that still shines brightly today. People can learn all about their culture, traditions, and heritage when taking a visit to northern India.

Arunachal tribal woman

This photo captures a lady’s expression of cultural significance. This is something very unique to this tribe! Taken by rajkumar1220.

There are about 26 main tribes that inhabit this part of the world. One of the amazing facts is that they live in harmony with each other. They don’t quarrel, and haven’t since the record of time. They respect all other tribes, and live in peace with each of them. Some of the major tribes consist of Adi, Aka, Apatani, Nyishi, Tagins, Galo, Bori, and Bokar. These tribes each have major festivals that display their culture, religion, and traditions they may follow. This is one of the best ways to expose yourself to a new culture, and you may even learn something about yourself and your own culture.

Since this isn’t a huge tourist area yet, there are still many unexplored mountainous regions that lie just outside of Arunchal Pradesh. Locals are very helpful as guides to show you the countryside. It’s always best to have a guide just in case one is to get lost, have an emergency, etc. The mountains here are no joke, and should be taken very seriously. The beauty of the area is enough to allow you to enjoy your time here. There are several lakes that also surround the area, so make sure to also enjoy those as you trek through the mountains.

Accommodation in this part of the world may not be as modern as other more tourist areas in India. There are a few nicer places to stay for the westerner, but once wandering away from the main cities, the luxury leaves as well. Be prepared by bringing your essentials with you. If you are trekking, it is best to live as the locals live. Packing light may save you, and make your time exploring the country much easier. It’s a great experience to appreciate the nature and change your way of living, and acts as a great cultural experience in itself. The same may go for restaurants as well. Be sure to bring water with you, and only drink bottled sealed water. The food may take some adjusting to, so bringing proper medicine from home is always a good plan. Make sure your body is comfortable with this medication before trying something new while on vacation.

Arunachal Pradesh is a great area, so feel free to explore it on your own time. Whether you are soaking in the culture through the many tribes or enjoying the nature, feel your spirit set free for a while. Get in touch with another part of the world and enjoy your time.

india valley sign

This sign in found in one of the outlying valleys. A message we can all take advantage of. Taken by rajkumar1220.