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Category: Arunachal Pradesh

Astounding Arunachal: Top 5 Places You Cannot Afford To Miss!

Perched on the north-eastern shoulder of India is a gem that mesmerizes many a traveller for life. Arunachal Pradesh, literally the “land of dawn-lit mountains”, can captivate, enthrall and cleanse a sore eye and a tired mind. It is the land of simmering thukpa soup and momos, of vibrant orchids and pine bamboos, of gushing rivers, lakes and snow peaks, and a landscape so surreal that it leaves you wondering if you are on Earth at all. Right from spiritual revelations to adrenaline rushes, Arunachal Pradesh is simply an exquisite treasure box waiting to be opened.

The state brims with culture, history and natural wonders at every nook and corner, yet there are certain places which one cannot afford to miss. Here are the top 5 places you should make a beeline towards, as soon as you reach the dawn-lit mountains of Arunachal Pradesh.

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