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Some Thoughts On Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian stated located at the North-Eastern tip of India and sharing international borders with China, Bhutan and Myanmar. The first time I heard about the place was in the 4th standard when our teacher mentioned the place while teaching geography. She was a south Indian lady and it kinda sounded funny when she mentioned it. Nevertheless, Arunachal Pradesh is practically ‘China’ for the people who haven’t been there. The people are practically Tibetan-Burmese and look the same. The region was mentioned in the ancient Hindu epic Mahabharatha, as the place where the deity Parasurama washed his sins and the great sage Veda Vyas meditated and Lord Krishna married Rukmani (phew).


Arunachal Pradesh is so much like China, that the Republic of China claims a part of this state as their territory. But due to the place’s mention in the Hindu texts, the Indian government is not letting it go. Too bad for the Indian government as Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash (also mentioned in the Hindu texts) are already in China and they can hardly do anything to change it. During the 1962 Sino-Indian war, most parts of the state were annexed by the Chinese forces but for some unknown reason, they declared their victory over the lands but withdrew their forces while exclaiming a simple ‘LOL’ via a telegraph, leaving the state in Indian possession. This left the prime minister of India in an utter state of shock followed by uncontrollable laughter. The joke is still shared by both the countries’ governments during the UN meetings.


Buddhism is one of the major religions in Arunachal Pradesh nevertheless; the population of Buddhists and other shamanistic religions in the state is surpassed by the number of Hindus. Tibetan Buddhism is prevalent in the cities near the Tibetan region. A friend recently wanted to visit Arunachal Pradesh on his Royal Enfield motorbike, but sadly got married and went to Nepal instead with his wife. There’s a thing about visiting the mountains for all the Royal Enfield enthusiasts which has become more of a trend in recent years.